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Léa Julien wearing our Chère Èpilepsie Classic Cut T-Shirt

December 22, 2023 1 min read

Thanks to Léa Julien for putting the spotlight on our Chère Èpilepsie Collection.


Léa Julien is a 27-year-old author.

She has always loved escaping from everyday life with books of fairy tales and magic. When her nose isn't immersed in a novel, she likes to lose herself in writing her own adventures.

Today, she has a passionate job as a librarian, travels widely and has published her first novel, À bout de souffle, to raise awareness of epilepsy. She now hopes to help others who, like her, are going through the difficulties associated with this health condition by taking part in raising awareness against epilepsy.

Léa has lived with epilepsy since the age of four. She has had to deal with the different types of seizures, the trial and error of medication and the difficulties of everyday life.

Every day, she continues her fight to lead a normal life.

Thank you for your help in creating Epilepsy Awareness.